Mini Singing Tree - Circuit Board

Bare-bones version of our Mini Singing Tree for makers and tinkerers!

Key Features

  • 135 super low-power LEDs
  • Built-in Pixo lighting effects controller
  • Adjust brightness, effects, and facial expressions using buttons on the rear
  • 5V USB-C power
£ 40

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Released: 2022-11-03 product code: 31101-PX


Mini Singing Tree - Clamshell Case
Mini Singing Tree - Clamshell Case £ 40
Mini Singing Tree
Mini Singing Tree £ 80

Full Description

Note: This product only includes the circuit board, the clamshell case is sold separately!

A characterful Mini Christmas Tree with animated lights, star, and facial expressions!

It features 135 LEDs organised as a Mini Singing Tree character. It includes an integrated Pixo lighting controller. The Pixo controller includes a range of eye-catching built-in lighting effects, which can be selected using the buttons on the rear.

The Mini Tree has a USB-C connector on the rear for power, and for connecting to a PC for direct control or programming.


The Mini Tree comes preloaded with firmware written in Python for easy upgradeability. You can browse and edit the Python firmware using the free Thonny editor to create your own effects, or reprogram the whole Tree!

The Pixo Control App is a free web app available on the Pixo website to edit device settings, tweak custom effects, or ever create your own animated lighting sequences! Create your own #LivingroomLightshow!

xLights (coming soon)

xLights is a powerful open-source tool to create your own amazing light shows. The Mini Tree can be controlled directly from xLights over USB.

Firmware for direct control from xLights is coming soon!

Package Contents

Tech Specs

Integrated Pixo Controller