Mini Singing Tree - Clamshell Case

This case lets your Mini tree stand freely, and makes the animations pop!

Key Features

  • Snug fit around the Mini Singing Tree PCB
  • Allows your Mini Tree PCB to stand freely
  • Brings extra definition to Mini Tree animations
  • Protects the Pixo controller components on the Mini Tree
£ 40

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Released: 2022-11-03 product code: 31101-CK


Mini Singing Tree - Circuit Board
Mini Singing Tree - Circuit Board £ 40
Mini Singing Tree
Mini Singing Tree £ 80

Full Description

The clamshell case is a must-have accessory for your Mini Singing Tree.

The case allows Mini Trees to stand freely, letting you show them off wherever you like! It also protects the electronic components on the circuit board, ensuring your enjoyment of your Mini Trees for years to come.

The case features individual cut-outs for every LED on the Mini Tree, making the lighting animations and facial expressions really "pop" when compared to the PCB on its own.

The case is precision machined, and fits round the Mini Tree with a satisfying snap. The base attaches with a tight friction fit, and screws are included to secure the back to the front.

For tinkerers, the case features a channel from the connectors on the back of the PCB down through the base for easy accessibility.

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