Article image: Welcome to the Picoverse!

Welcome to the Picoverse!

Published: 2022-09-02


Picoverse is the new place for open source IoT widgets and gadgets, based on the popular RP2040 chip. From environmental sensors to smart LED controllers, we aim to offer a wide range of useful products.

Most importantly for us, we create hardware that we would want to use ourselves. We use open-source design tools, and common standards to avoid any sort of locked-down ecosystem, both for us and our customers.

We provide sample code for a number of use-cases, but we encourage you to to tweak it to your specific requirements. We also provide integrations with our Hypertable Cloud, but of course you can use any cloud you like. It should go without saying, but you own your hardware!

If this sounds interesting, watch this space! Also, if you would like to partner with us to bring a new product to life, please get in touch with us.